Fluffykin, Worgen Prot Warrior

Fluffykin, Worgen Prot Warrior

Monday, September 13, 2010

Content Update - Screenshots and Vids

I now have all my screenshots uploaded to my personal site as well as a couple vids, one showing my warrior in action. The screenshots can be viewed here, and videos can be viewed here. Currently I have 4 beta vids. One is a clear of Blackrock Caverns on my priest and  (Forgot to record second boss) the newest is a clear of Razorfen Downs on my warrior. I also have one showing the worgen transformation and the final shows the worgen racial, dance, and jokes.
I'll have them all on Youtube soon in case you don't like waiting on downloads, but these are all much higher quality.
Below are the Youtube uploads of them. This will be updated once I submit the other two.
Worgen Transformation
Worgen Racial, Dance, Jokes
Tanking Razorfen Downs
Blackrock Caverns healed on my priest
I highly suggest you view all fullscreen in 1080p.

(Edit: Now have all the vids available on Youtube as well as by download.)

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