Fluffykin, Worgen Prot Warrior

Fluffykin, Worgen Prot Warrior

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello there! As some of you World of Warcraft players might know, the beta testing for the Cataclysm expansion is well underway. I've been lucky enough to join in it, though most players can't say the same. What I intend to do is share with you some of the exciting new content available.
I've played 6 classes up to level 80 thus far, and a warrior was likely going to be my next choice, though currently they are a bit dull to play at low levels, but I decided to give leveling a warrior another try in the beta, this time as a worgen. It presents an excellent opportunity to see the new talent changes as well as the worgen starting area content.
Here I'll share with you my experiences leveling my worgen warrior, Fluffykin, as well as provide a great deal of screenshots and even some videos. I'm a bit late starting this as he's already at level 28 now, but that just means I have more to share.

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